Top 5 Things to Look For in a Document Scanning Service

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When searching for the best scanning service for your needs, there are many things you need to consider. Here we have a run-down of the five most important things to think about when you hire a scanning company.


The first thing you need to think about is what service you are looking for exactly. If your company doesn't have the capabilities to deliver their documents to the scanning bureau, then you must focus your search solely on services that offer collection of documents. It would also be a bonus for your company if that was done for free or already included in the price. You also need to consider how easy it is to tailor those services to the needs of your company. The idea is not to have to bend over backwards for your scanning project to be completed. You want a service that gets the job done without you needing to worry so you can focus on more important things.


It goes without saying that you must look for a service whose prices fit within your budget. You will need to check that there is no hidden extras that could take the costs over the price you are willing to pay. Often getting written confirmation for the price of the package will be enough to assure you won't be landed with an unexpected bill.


While you may be looking for the cheapest scanning deal, it is also important to ensure you get the quality you want as well as a cheap price. Scanning equipment is not cheap so usually a company offering 'too good to be true' prices will not offer as good quality as those offering competitive prices for good quality images. Doing a bit of research will be enough to tell you what price is reasonable and competitive for the service you require.


When you hire scanning services, you want to know that your documents, photos etc. will be safe and secure so make sure you check for security accreditations, data confidentiality and how secure their premises are. If you're unsure about the security of the company, you are within your rights to request to see the scanning bureau before committing your custom. Some might deem it a little cheeky to request to visit, but at the end of the day, you and your company are making an investment, one that could save you so much more in the long run, so you want to make sure you go with the right services for you.


When it comes to getting value for money, you want to look for services which offer some sort of aftercare. Whether that's delivering your digital or hard copy documents back to you or securely shredding and disposing of the paper files. It is important that once the scanning project is done, you are not left to deal with the final details. If you have had your documents placed onto a digital document management system, you should receive consultancy from the company on how it works and what to do if there is a problem.

We think those are the most important things to consider when hiring scanning services. If you can think of any more, feel free to get in touch through our social media channels.

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer bespoke scanning solutions which tick all of the above. If you would like some more information on the scanning services we offer, including document scanning, feel free to explore our websites or get in touch for a free, no obligation, quote for your scanning project.


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